The Mor doos of Bangkok


I had the idea before I left home that it would be interesting to explore divination in the cultures I was visiting,In Bangkok the seers are called Mor doo, which translates to   Doctor who sees.Online I read that the best place to find a Mor Doo was at Tha Phra Chan pier immediately to the south of Thammasat University.  Dripping wet from the heat and humidly and still wearing what was now surely a dripping red tika on my forehead from the Uma temple, I got off the boat, map in hand and headed north through crowed streets markets of medicines, and produce, through a even more crowded indoor market which sold more amulets, statues and street food.     Finally I did manage to stumble on to the Mor Doo “market”, a long dimly lit, narrow ally next to the pier.  There were 4 or 5 Mor Doo sitting at small tables.  One middle age woman with bright red lipstick offered to read tarot cards for me, (Rider Waite Deck) for 500 baht.  Overhearing our conversation the man at the next table offered to do an astrology reading for me, for $300 Baht. I watched as she shot an angry glare at him, but I sat down at his table anyway. He handed me his card and introduced himself as  Mr Thanasukolwit

On his table was a stack of ephemerises.  I asked him if it was Thai astrology or Vedic (Indian) Astrology and he explained that Vedic Astrology came along time ago to Thailand.

He asked my birth date, birth time and location of birth and then proceeded to spend the next 10 minutes looking through his books, copying down numbers and making a long series of calculations.

Finally he started:

“You like to travel”

(Ok, easy guess.)

“You will be very famous in your country”

“Famous?” I said hoping he didn’t really know the meaning of the word FAMOUS.

“Yes, everyone will know you”

This not going well, I thought, but nodded and asked him to go on.

He continued, “You have money, but it goes and goes. You are paying back a lot of debt now”

“True, go on”

“In 2 years things will be much better, now its not easy” and then he started to talk with more confidence “ Do not start business for two years, then you will be ok. For 1 year many people will try to trick you, take your money, do not trust anyone.” Then laughing, “except me!”

I nodded, and smiled, but I didn’t like what he was saying, psychics often like to say to make you fearful.  Fearful clients make good customers.

“I’ll watch out. What about my love life?”  I said trying to move the conversation on.

He pulled out another book, and copied down some numbers, and proceeded to do more arithmetic.

“This year, two men, One older, a baby fish”

“A baby fish?” I asked

“Yes, a baby fish” and then looking at my perplexed face he wrote down,


Ok, Older with a baby face and the other?

“Younger handsome man” he said with a big smile.

Really? I asked and in response he did more calculations,

As I was watching Mr Thanasukolwit with his numbers I realized that I really liked him, I thought little of the reading, but could tell he was sharing with me what he “knew” was true,

“Yes, one older baby face one, AND one handsome younger man. You will choose younger man, and perhaps you get married to him in 2012, …May 2012”.

I paid him, I thanked him and took another business card.   As I started to leave, I said, “Some people think the world ends in 2012, Have you heard that?”

“Oh yes,  its true,  not the whole world, maybe half, many many floods December 2012”.

The next day, I met my second Mor doo at the Watin Temple next to a tree in the center of the Temple complex. She was in her 40’s, casually dressed, next to her sat a small odd pink ceramic statue of a child that she introduced as her son.   I sat down  on a white plastic chair next her .

“How old are you?” she asked


“Oh very, Very lucky!” and she turned to the lady sitting next to her and said “ lucky 53!”

I wondered if they had been making bets on my age.

I shuffled the tarot cards and handed them back to her. She  threw 7 or 8 of them on the ground next to the tree.

Pointing to  THE FOOL card She started  the reading “There is someone in your past you have a hard time getting over”

“True” I mumbled hoping to not get into it.

“Now, your money is going quickly but you have enough, soon  you will be very very wealthy.  In 3 days or 3 weeks or 3 months you will get something like $700 or  $7000 or $70,000.  You must be careful of others taking from you, lying to you, trying to trick money out of you.”

“Ok” and again uncomfortable with the people tricking me out of money subject I asked “and my love life?”

“There are two men coming into your life, one older and one younger, next year you get married to the young one.”

“Hmmmm,” I thought this is weird then asked “anything else?”

“Watch out for stomach problems you may get sick from eating something bad.”

I thanked her, and went on my way.


For the record

3 days = September 12

3 weeks = September 30

3 months =  December 9th


Note -( December 19, 2012 )-  I did actually get word of receiving $7000 on December 9th.  A prepayment of money that was going to paid to me anyway.

As far as the baby fish …. I’m still looking.


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