September 9th, Last day in Bangkok. After my now, standard breakfast of banana pancake and Nescafe, I pull out the “must see list” made for me by the lovely man at the Mae Thorani shrine. I decide to go to Watin temple.


September 8, 2010 Next to the Wat Maha That, is one of many amulet markets in Bangkok.  The market lines the street with stalls of amulets and statues of Buddhas, powerful monks, and Hindu gods along with the occasional odd and somewhat scary voodu-esq objects; crocodile heads, cloth dolls, tree pods that look like people.


September 8, 2010 The flight was long 24 hours from door to door.  The first leg of the trip was 12 hours, which I dreaded because of my occasional fits of claustrophobia, but with the help of Lorzapan, a truly magic pill, I slept like a baby and by the time we landed in Taipei I was optimistic and awake.