September 9th, Last day in Bangkok. After my now, standard breakfast of banana pancake and Nescafe, I pull out the “must see list” made for me by the lovely man at the Mae Thorani shrine. I decide to go to Watin temple.


I had the idea before I left home that it would be interesting to explore divination in the cultures I was visiting,In Bangkok the seers are called Mor doo, which translates to   Doctor who sees.Online I read that the best place to find a Mor Doo was at Tha Phra Chan pier immediately to the south of Thammasat University.  Dripping wet from the heat and humidly and still wearing what was now surely a dripping red tika


Maha Uma Devi Temple It took a good hour to get to the Uma temple from the Amulet Market. First a boat ride down the river, which provided a welcome breeze in the increasing heat and humidly of the day.  Then a ride on the air-conditioned sky train, Bangkok’s metro system, followed by a short steamy walk through streets with virtually no pedestrians.   Nestled in a neighborhood of white sky scrappers sits the small colorful temple. Built in the 1860’s by the local Tamil community the temple is